Monday, September 17, 2012

Spicy thai tomato chicken soup

This is the ultimate soup recipe. 

-It is easy to make for many people. 
-It warms you up when it is cold, but also helps you to cool down when it is warm (pores open!)
-It is spicy and with lots of flavour!
-Many people like it because it is a (sort of) tomato soup.

We make it a lot for the people who come to our company, and all we hear are positive reactions. These pleople wanted to know how we make this soup, and that is one reason why we are posting this recipe now. But we are also posting this recipe because it is our most favorite soup! And it is for many years now. While other soups can become a bit boring after a while, this one won't! We can assure you that. So go on and try it!

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