Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mango tiramisu

A nice evening with some sun between the days of rain means eating outside! Altough that it was a bit cold,  so we were sitting close to each other and wearing thick sweaters (cozy!), it was nice to spend dinner-time in the garden. It was mothers day so we had to come up with a lovely dessert. No raspberry tiramisu today, but a new -try out- recipe: mango tiramisu! So fresh and perfect for spring days!

What we need for 5 portions:
1 ripe mango
250 gr mascarpone
250 gr whipped cream
the zest of an orange
some lime juice
150 gr ladyfingers
optional: some yogurt (to make it a bit more fresh)
5 jars

To do:

Beat up your cream together with some lime juice. 

Then fold in the mascarpone and add, if you like so, again some lime juice. You can add to this mixture some yogurt as well, to make it a bit more fresh.

Crumble the ladyfingers and put half of them on the bottom of your jar.

Pour over half of you mixture. Now put on some orange zest and half of the mango pieces. 

Repeat this one more time the same way.

And ready is your delicious, fast, summer dessert! Enjoy!


  1. it is a must to put mascarpone ?
    if only use whipping cream and other's ingredient, can this recipe be complete ?
    sorry for such question cause i am new mummy in baking :)
    quite hard for me to buy mascarpone.

    1. Hi Wavely!
      Ofcourse you can substitute the mascarpone for something like yogurt or curd. We do that as well when we don't have mascarpone in the frige!
      It isn't as thick as the mascarpone but it works good as well.

      Hope you can make it now and we're looking forward to hear from you again!

    2. Thanks your replies.
      which mean i can make this mango tiramisu by replaced mascarpone by yogurt with same weight of 250gr ?
      The method/step is same, am i right?
      beside, is the recipe can only able to make 5 jars ?
      if i want more, i can just double the ingredient ?

    3. Hello Wavely!
      Yes you can replace the 250 gr mascarpone by 250 gr yogurt. The texture will be thinner, as we said before, but it does taste good as well. The method is the same, and if you want to make more or less than 5 jars, that is possible as well. If you want to make 10, double the ingredients. If you want to have 2/3 halve them.
      Your welcome.
      Greetings, KitchenSisters

    4. Thanks alot.
      Just to share with you, I saw similar your mango tiramisu of Non-Baked Delights recipe at below blog (from Singaporian)
      She use Asia fruit king name "Durian" instead of mango. I tried it but my hubby said want to try mango.
      Thus, i feel to try mango tiramisu but replaced mascarpone with yogurt.

      :) very happy to get to know your blog

    5. ooppss..i forget to ask.
      Am i need to put icing sugar into the whipped cream before i start use my electric hand mixer to beat?
      if yes, how much shall i put the icing sugar?

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