Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring and vegetables

The weather isn't that nice this spring, but when you take a look in our orchard you can tell that it's almost summer. Our appletrees are amazing! They are in bloom and have these cute pink flowers. Some of them still closed, other ones wide open. It's just an amazing view..

Our greenhouse is making progress! In one month (photo 1 to photo 2) the lettuce has grown like weeds, and we can almost plant them outside in the garden. 
Beside the lettuce we have beetroots, carrots, radishes, courgettes and peppers in our greenhouse to make them ready to go outside. The potatoes, onions and artichoke are already standing in the garden. Now it's waiting for them to be ready to be prepared and eaten! Mjum! 

We do also have some non-vegetables in our greenhouse: herbs! We've started with mint and basil. They need a lot of warmth and can't withstand rain, so we keep them inside. After quite a long time they have finally started to grow! See down here: our little basil plants! (:

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