May 7, 2012
KitchenAid IT IS!

Yay Yay Yay Yay!!

Look at this! We finaly have got a KitchenAid!

We are amazed, stunned, overwhelmed, happy and full of joy! We always wanted to have this machine, but we didn't know which one to buy or where to get the best one. We went to hundreds of stores to stare at these lovely colours and amazing machines for hours, but still didn't know which one to buy. Finaly, after a long, long time, the time was there: we were going to buy one!

As a surprise for Margot I bought the yellow one -which she would die for!!- on my way home from the south of Holland (also with the asparagus story). Back home I couldn't wait to show her our KitchenAid, but I waited until we were going to eat with the family. And what a surpise! She was so happy! We unwrapped it together and explored it the rest of the evening. And -offcourse- made plans straight away to bake some nice cookies, cupcakes and whip up some cream. After the test it was clear: our machine is fantastic!

We are going to use this one a lot!

Pestle and mortar

Finally! We have got a pestle and mortar! We always wanted one, and now we have. 

Renée tests sustainable products, and this is one of the products she's allowed to test at home. 
(You can check out her website:; it's in Dutch)

She tries to test products which involve kitchen action so that we can use them for our recipes. 

We already used it for basil for in our pasta sauce, but i'm sure we're going to make extentive meals with it!

New kitchen pots

We got ourselfs some easy, really cute  and handy pots for in the kitchen. We couldn't really decide how many we were going to need, so we bought 6. 
However we find them so cute, we still come across stuff we want to put in pots like these.. 

Finally, we found these lovely labels on the internet. We printed them out and stick them on the labels witch were attached. 

How lovely does that look? Easy to make AND very handy! 

March 24, 2012
Handy little tools 

Yes! Yes! We've got some new kitchentools!

Because we finaly have made the decision to start this blog, we treated ourselves with some new tools.
They are so handy and we're sure we're going to have lots of fun with them!

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